Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle Wraps FAQ

How should you clean your wrapped vehicle?
Hand wash only – This is very important as using a pressure washer or other similar type of machines will cause damage to your car wrap. The abrasive nature of car washes can cause damage to your car wrap. No abrasive products – They will scratch the wrap, in a worse way than they would scratch paintwork.

Leave 7 days before washing any newly wrapped vehicle.
Advise 3rd parties not to wash your vehicle – Some third parties (i.e. garage servicing, storage) will automatically clean your vehicle as part of the service. Make sure you notify them!

Can you polish or wax your wrap?
Most standard graphic films and over laminates can be polished or waxed with a high quality car wax. Before use, test and approve in an inconspicuous area. Do not use any abrasive polishes or cutting compounds. For the carbon fibre and brushed metal films, a polishing product may be used. Phraist, however, does not recommend any polishing or wax product for the matt or textured films. If in doubt, feel free to ask us for advice.

How do you remove bugs, bird droppings or other similar hard to remove dirt?
This is probably the worst thing to deal with, especially if you are aware of our advice above regarding car washing. However, do not panic… Hard to remove dirt or contaminants are relatively simple to remove if you soak the area with hot soapy water. You will find that they will simply melt away with a wash mitt.

Afterwards simply rinse and dry. If you do have problems, test one of these products in an inconspicuous area to ensure no damage to the graphics: Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) (two parts IPA to 1-part water) or denatured alcohol may also help.

Spot clean the contaminants. Do not use rough scrubbing or abrasive tools that will scratch the film. Wash and rinse off all residues immediately.

How can you protect your vehicle wrap from fading?
In order to protect your vehicle wrap from fading we recommend that you store your car under cover or in a garage whenever possible. Vinyl graphics (just like paint) are degraded by prolonged exposure to sun and atmospheric pollutants, particularly on the horizontal surfaces such as bonnet, boot lid and roof.

If you cannot store under cover during the day, try to park in a shaded area (although we recommend you avoid parking under trees that drop sap, or are frequented by lots of birds). In addition, if you have no garage or porch, consider using a car cover.